Not much left of the Christmas chocolate stash, Montezumas, thanks Jon & Clare.  When the Montezumas Chocolate Library arrives at Chritmas time its like an adult selection box.  It thuds onto the present pile and immediately garners interest, large, sturdy, doesn’t feel like a book, doesn’t rattle and heavy enough to promise something substantial.  When the wrapping comes off it doesn’t disappoint.

Montezumas describe it thus, ‘Ten brilliant bars in one neat but weighty library’ and they’re not wrong! One kilo neatly divided; Space Hopper, Chilli & Lime, Minted, The Dark Side & Butterscotch, Smooth Milk, Lordy Lord, Orange & Geranium, Sea Dog, Very Dark & Spice It Up.  I’m not going to tell you anymore… and buy some!

Although I will tell you my personal favourite for a sinful treat in front of the cottage fire… ‘Minted’, reminded me of Mint Cracknell.  Anybody remember that?